Using GP Elements For Elementor Templates


The title of this post is not very intuitive, but honestly, I spent way too much time trying to think of a title that would accurately describe this little tip. So, sorry, I did try!

David Beckwith shared this tip in the GeneratePress Facebook group recently, and it’s a good one to pass along here.

When editing Elementor templates, they open in GeneratePress’ default template instead of the Elementor Canvas template. So instead of just seeing the template you’re working on, you see all the other stuff that is a part of GP’s default template, such as the the header and footer. This can be really distracting, so David came up with a great solution.

Now that GeneratePress Premium has the Elements feature, do the following:

  1. Go to Elements > Add New Element > Layout
  2. Under the Sidebar tab > Choose Content (no sidebars)
  3. Under the Disable Elements tab > Check everything
  4. Under the Container tab > Content Area > Full Width
  5. Under the Display Rules tab > Location > Template > to All My Templates
  6. Give the Element a name. I used “Open Elementor Templates In Canvas”
  7. Click Publish button.

From now on, all your Elementor templates will open using Elementor Canvas instead of GeneratePress’ default template, with no sidebars present.





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