Six Elementor Addon Plugins That Do One Thing Well

do one thing well

There is a growing list of Elementor addons, but many of them include a giant list of widgets or functionalities that you may not need. The addons listed here are designed to just do one thing – and do it well.

Note: You’ll notice that WordPress automatically includes a GET THIS PLUGIN button with each link below. I actually don’t really recommend clicking those blue buttons as they will download the plugin to your computer. That’s usually not what you really want to do. Normally, you’ll want to just search for the plugin name in your Plugins Add New screen and install from there. If you want to read more about each plugin, without downloading it, just click the title of the plugin at the top of each white box to go directly to the plugin page on WordPress.org.

Central Color Palette

Set one color palette that is used globally across Customizer and Elementor. This is a huge workflow help! To be able to use the same color palette, customized for the website you are working on, across both Elementor and within the WordPress Customizer (no matter what theme you are using), is absolutely fantastic. Even if you aren’t sure it will be useful to you, I encourage you to try it. Once you use it, you suddenly “get” why it’s so useful.

Page Builder Template Categories

Assign categories to your “My Templates”, so you can later filter and list just those templates from specific categories. Great way to organize My Templates, and you’ll wonder why it’s not there by default. It should be, I agree, but since it isn’t, just install this plugin, and make it so!

Custom Icons for Elementor

Add your own custom icons to Elementor’s icon pickers, so you can go beyond FontAwesome choices. If you’ve ever wished FontAwesome had more icons to choose from, or you have a custom one you want to use, this plugin is here to save your day. Be sure to watch the video below to understand how this works.

Elementor Custom Skin

Design your own post archive skins. Wish you had more choices than just Classic and Cards skins when creating a post archive? Make your own with this plugin, and your wish will be fulfilled.

Lenix Elementor Leads addon (terrible name)

Saves the Elementor Pro form submissions data to the database, which can also be exported to CSV. This is an absolutely ESSENTIAL plugin, as far I’m concerned. If you use Elementor Pro’s forms, you really need this! Never worry again whether you are receiving the form submissions in your email. Even if you never get the email, you can always see the data that was submitted in your admin. Just go to Elementor > Elementor Leads to see all the form submissions you’ve received. Choose which form’s data you want to view, and you’ll see a list of submissions for that form. Click on any particular submission, and you’ll see something like this:

form submissions

Plugin Detective

Plugin Detective – Troubleshooting

This plugin will only be used now and then, but it’s definitely a one-of-a-kind plugin, and it can be very handy when it is needed. How many times have you been told to disable all plugins to troubleshoot a problem? It’s a good troubleshooting tactic, as very often a plugin is the problem. But let’s face it, it’s kind of a pain to do. Plugin Detective takes the pain away. The premise of “Detective Otto” is a bit silly, but I guess there’s nothing wrong with a little silliness now and then. When you need to troubleshoot an issue, “open a case” and tell Detective Otto Bot where you see the problem. If there are any plugins that are too important to disable for some reason, let him know which those are.  Otto will then disable each plugin (except those you told him to leave alone), check in with you to see if it fixed the problem, and all you do is click “Yes, it’s fixed” or “No, it’s still broken” each time he asks. Once Otto has found the conflicting plugin, you can deactivate it and continue on.

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