How To Get The Most Out Of Elementor

Elementor is a powerful page builder plug-in for WordPress. The aim of Elementor is to simplify the process of building your WordPress website. It comes with a suite of features to make use of regardless of experience. While Elementor is beginner friendly, there’s plenty to learn to really make your website come alive.

Making Use of Widgets and Themes

As a page builder tool Elementor is built around the idea of widgets. It has a massive widget library that allows you to easily drop elements into the page. With the free version of Elementor you get access to 30 widgets, which will easily see you able to handle most tasks with ease. The Pro version further increases this library.

Alongside the widgets, there are many companies that are creating great themes that can be used inside of Elementor. The use of these premade themes can drastically speed up the process of building your site. A curated set of features designed around the theme allows you to have your professional looking site up and running in no time. There’s a large variety of themes available to use right now. One of our favourites that we found is a theme called Elemento.

Background Tricks

Elementor’s features allow you to perform several tricks on your background images on the site. An effect such as parallax scrolling is a fantastic way to add some style and flair to your site. Parallax scrolling means that the background will remain fixed as your content moves over it. This can create some great effects and is good if you want to showcase a product image or photo. This is simple as setting the style of the background to fixed.

You can also use Elementor to incorporate Full Motion Video into the background of your webpage. This can create an elegant look and is used by many of today’s top websites. The video doesn’t even have to be hosted locally. To use this feature, it is as easy as changing the background style to video and setting the link to the content. This will then play and loop whilst users are browsing your site.

Live Editing

One of the features that truly makes Elementor shine is the live editing feature. This means that as you change font sizes, and styles, the page is updated in real time and you can see it on the right-hand side of the screen. The ability to immediately gauge the impact of your changes and know what is working or not working with your site is valuable. Whether it is the colour scheme, or just how elements are arranged on the screen, you will appreciate being able to see results as you make the changes.

Sectioning It Up

Elementor is all about creating different sections on your web pages, and how you transition between those sections can have a real impact on your content. One option is to completely remove the gaps from your sections, so the site appears seamless. This is as simple as editing the section and setting the columns gap to no gap.

You can also experiment by using some shape dividers to break up your content. When editing your section, you can access the shape divider section, which has options for top and bottom. Here you can set different shapes such as Waves, Mountains, Tilts, Triangles, Drops, Curves, Pyramids, Wave Brushes, Zigzags, Clouds or Books. This will break up the look and feel of you site and set it apart from the competition.

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