GeneratePress WordPress Theme Review

GeneratePress Theme Review

Ease Of Use

I’ve never used a theme that was as easy to deal with as GeneratePress. I’ve worked with at least 100 themes over the years, and I built quite a few of my own. GeneratePress is flat-out, the easiest I’ve ever used.

Code Quality

I kind of have a crush on the code-quality of GeneratePress. Is that weird? Ok, it probably is. But it makes me heart skip a beat to work with a theme that is so thoughtfully put together from a code perspective. 

Design Quality

Out of the box, the simplicity of the design is also it’s beauty. You realize quickly that whether you change it completely or leave it as it installs, you’ll end up with high quality all the way. Simple or complex, GeneratePress makes it beautiful. Alone, it shines. Paired with a page builder like Elementor, and the results can be beyond remarkable. I love this theme.

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