Full Width Section With Multiple Columns


This is a very basic design element of Elementor. If you are using a theme that allows full width layout, then all you have to do to create a full width section with multiple columns is this:

  1. Click the Add New Section button.
  2. Choose the number of columns you want in your section.
  3. Click on the Section tab, and change the sections Layout width from Boxed to Full Width. Adjust backgrounds, borders, etc. as desired.
  4. Adjust the column backgrounds and content as desired.

If you find that this doesn’t work, then your theme may not allow full width layout. Luckily, Elementor has a solution for that situation as well. Follow steps 1, 2, and 4 above, but replace step 3 with this: Click on the Section and from the Layout area, look for “Stretch Section” and switch it to “Yes”.

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