Form overlay

Note: I used the form feature of Elementor Pro for this effect.

  1. Apply a background image to your section.
  2. Make your column background have a light color with a transparency of 0.5% (found in Style tab) and a right margin of 63% (found in Advanced tab).
  3. Drag a heading widget, a text widget, and a form widget onto the column.
  4. Designing your form is easy, but there are so many designs you could create that it would be impossible to show you all the possibilities here. But here’s what I can do! First, let’s take a look at a gallery that shows all the form options you’ll be filling out.

    Next, you can take a look at the video below this article that Elementor created showing many form designs. (Warning: turn your speakers down. The music in the video might make your head pound a little).

  5. If you are using Mailchimp, you can very easily integrate the form with Mailchimp. Elementor explains how to do this below this article.

Now you’re all set up and ready to build your email list, with a design that will likely entice people to sign up!

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