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The new popup builder is an easy and streamlined way to create the perfect popup for your site. Much like the rest of Elementor, the popup builder is a visual builder. It allows you to see the changes you’re making to your site in real time. An attractive part of this feature is the simplicity of it. Everything can be done from within the single editor. Through the popup builder, you can customize your popup down to the pixel.

The popup builder can be found on the left side bar of the WordPress dashboard. Inside of the templates section, the popup builder can be found. Click on the green “Add New Popup” button to get underway. Once the button is pressed, you will be able to select between various template types. The next menu allows you to choose from one of many beautiful pre-made templates. The next step is the actual customization of the template. 

The popup customizer is a powerful tool that allows you to do a variety of things. The very first thing you’ll see is a width slider. You can set the width of the popup with this intuitive tool. Both pixel width, and width percentage are available by selecting between px and vw. Below that is the option to change the height of the popup. A drop-down menu lets you decide between fitting to the screen or adjust it yourself with a slider. The tools here are similar to the ones found for the width of the popup.  Next up is the option to select both the vertical and horizontal alignment of the popup. The final options in the portion of the settings are overlay and the close button, as well as the animation of the popup. These give you the ability to toggle whether the popup is overlaid the content, and if it has a close button in the top right corner. At the bottom is the option to select from one of many animations for the popup.

The next portion is style. The first part of this section gives you the ability to change the background color. You’re given the tools to select between solid or gradient background color. You can set the border radius of the popup, as well the box shadow. The ability to use an image as the background is also present here. Lastly, the tools to adjust the close button can be found here. Size color and positioning are just a few of the things that are available to be changed. 

The last part of the popup builder is the advanced settings. In these settings, you can change the timings of the popup.  You can set how long until the clos button appears, as well as how long until the popup closes. The ability to prevent page scrolling is also present, amongst other things. Lastly you can set the margins and paddings of the popup, as well as any additional css you might want to add. Ultimately, the popup builder is an extremely intuitive tool. All of its options are laid out in a straight forward manor, and it has the power to create whatever you wish.

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