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Elementor Migration, Update Or Move Goes Wonky?

If you moved or migrated an Elementor-designed site, and things didn't go well, there may be a simple solution.

Elementor supplies several tools to help deal with problems when things seem to suddenly go topsy-turvy on you.

If the CSS seems to disappear, go to Elementor > Tools and use the Regenerate CSS tool.

What does the Regenerate CSS tool do?

The description says:

Styles set in Elementor are saved in CSS files in the uploads folder. Recreate those files, according to the most recent settings.

If the problem involves a site move in which the URLs have changed, go to Elementor > Tools to use the Replace URL tool.

What does the Replace URL tool do?

The description says:

Enter your old and new URLs for your WordPress installation, to update all Elementor data (Relevant for domain transfers or move to 'HTTPS').

In all cases, BACKUP your site before using any of these tools!

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