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Elementor Blocks

One of Elementor 2.0’s exciting new features is the library of Blocks (which are section templates) that will be available in your template library. Below is a video showing the selection of blocks immediately available. I noticed that some are free and some are for Pro users. You have to hover over each one to see which are which. It would be nice if all the templates would be filterable by free vs. pro. However, they are categorized by type of section, such as Call to Action, FAQ, etc., so that is very useful. And you can also search for specific blocks, and mark your Favorites to easily find those later. So let’s see what they look like!


Useful, right? There are many more exciting features coming to version 2.0, and I’ll show those when they arrive. For now, I’m excited to see these great section templates available to us.

Remember this is currently in Beta, so don’t install this on live sites yet. If you want to try it all out on a test site, here are the instructions:

How to Install Beta Version
If you still haven’t enabled beta testing in Elementor, please follow these steps:

  • Go to Elementor > Tools > Versions
  • Enable the beta tester feature
  • Go to Dashboard > Updates and update to the latest beta version

If you want to be able to use ALL of the new blocks, Pro included, you’ll need to upgrade to the Pro version, if you haven’t already. It’s well worth it!


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