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cloud layers

Placing One Element Over Another Using Elementor and Z-Index

There are numerous reasons why you might wish to display overlapping elements. Elementor makes this easy by allowing ...

Shape Dividers

Creative Shape Dividers

Elementor includes some great shape dividers, which allows you to create separator effects between two sections. They are ...

parallax effect

Parallax Effect: Fixed Background Under Transparent Content

Create A Parallax Effect Using Elementor The parallax effect is simple to implement.  Go the Section’s Style tab, ...


Full Width Section With Multiple Columns

This is a very basic design element of Elementor. If you are using a theme that allows full ...

Animated elements

Animated Elements

Animation of an element (image or text) is as easy as choosing from a list of animation types. ...

mind the gap

Taming A Stray Full Width Section Gap

Occasionally, a gremlin of some sort will find its way into your site, and the full-width section you’ve ...