Elementor Blocks

Elementor Blocks – Section Templates

One of Elementor 2.0’s exciting new features is the library of Blocks (which are section templates) that will ...

GP Sites Preview

GeneratePress Sites Preview

Many people who haven’t seen GeneratePress Sites yet are wondering what the demo site templates look like. I ...

GP Sites Step 2

Starter Sites Coming To GeneratePress

Tom Usborne recently made a huge announcement about the upcoming new features of GeneratePress Premium 1.6. Along with ...

GeneratePress plus Elementor

GeneratePress and Elementor : Spectacular Features

I am excited about everything that is happening with our two favorite products, Elementor and GeneratePress. Both are ...

Gutenberg Type Setting

Gutenberg + Elementor and GeneratePress

Filters code

GeneratePress Control Via Filters And Code Snippets

I love the fact that GeneratePress, especially with the super-affordable $39 Premium addon*, gives users a great amount ...


Add Nofollow To Any Link Within Elementor

Elementor now allows any of its link fields to have the nofollow attribute added, by simply clicking the ...

cloud layers

Placing One Element Over Another Using Elementor and Z-Index

There are numerous reasons why you might wish to display overlapping elements. Elementor makes this easy by allowing ...

different mobile header logo

Show Different Header Logo On Mobile Using GeneratePress Premium Hooks

Occasionally, we need to show a completely different logo image on mobile than we do on desktop or ...

Quick Tip GeneratePress

Make GeneratePress Default To Full-Width, No-Title On All Elementor Pages

The title says it all, but it’s a mouthful, isn’t it? Tom Usborne created a function for GeneratePress ...