GeneratePress Control Via Filters And Code Snippets

Filters code

I love the fact that GeneratePress, especially with the super-affordable $39 Premium addon*, gives users a great amount of control over nearly every aspect of the theme. Much of this control lies in the simple-to-use Customizer option panels, and yet, you can also add snippets of code to the various hooks that GP Premium provides. *Yes, … Read more

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Show Different Header Logo On Mobile Using GeneratePress Premium Hooks

different mobile header logo

Occasionally, we need to show a completely different logo image on mobile than we do on desktop or tablet. In that case, if you use GeneratePress Premium, you’ll want to make use of GP’s hooks feature. Tom Usborne helpfully provided this simple solution. If you aren’t clear on what GP’s hooks are all about, you … Read more

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Make GeneratePress Default To Full-Width, No-Title On All Elementor Pages

Quick Tip GeneratePress

The title says it all, but it’s a mouthful, isn’t it? Tom Usborne created a function for GeneratePress theme users to allow us to automatically make all Elementor pages full width, with no title. Of course, we can already do that manually, on a page-by-page basis, but some users would prefer to have the theme default … Read more

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