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What is Elementor?

Elementor is a WordPress page builder. Elementor features a live visual builder, designed for ease of use. Without needing to code, you can create the webpages you want. The ability to drag and drop elements and see how they affect your page live makes elementor an attractive option for WordPress beginners. That’s not to say that elementor is only for beginners, however. Powerful tools within elementor allow people experienced with the WordPress platform to create sites more efficiently than ever. The option to use code is present within elementor, which ensures there is no problem that can’t be solved. 

OceanWP Multipurpose

OceanWP is a multipurpose theme for WordPress. Multipurpose themes are designed to be used for whatever you need. Whether you’re making a specialized blog or an e-commerce site, a multipurpose theme can handle it. Ocean is one of the most popular themes on WordPress. It comes with a wide variety of custom templates. This theme has a template for whatever site you’re building. A high level of polish and support are some of the major reasons this theme is so popular. OceanWP is also highly popular amongst freelancers and agencies creating sites on behalf of their clients. Support for some of the most popular extensions make this a theme that’s easy to recommend, no matter your level of experience. 

Aquentro Single Rental Property

Unlike OceanWP, Aquentro is a specialized theme. Aquentro is designed for people making a site for single rental properties. You’ll find every tool you need to create a beautiful rental property site. With a little work, this theme can be used to create whatever property site you desire. Whether it’s a site for your bed and breakfast or a page for a real estate agent, Aquentro has the tools you’ll need. Aquentro has custom widgets built specifically for the theme. Unlike some of the other themes on this list, Aquentro does not offer a free version. The price of admission is worth it if the site you’re making has to do with property. 

Phlox Multipurpose

Phlox is a highly recommended theme by elementor itself. With a suite of custom templates, phlox has something for everybody. Phlox is constantly praised for its great support. This theme is very versatile, clean and modern. With phlox, you can create whatever site you please without ever writing a line of code. Much like OceanWP, phlox comes with support of some of the most popular plug-ins. 

GTL Multipurpose

GTL multipurpose is elegant and modern multipurpose theme. A simple to use interface ensures you can create the site you desire without ever touching code. Supported with steady updates and great support, you can be sure that GTL multipurpose will stay up to date. This theme supports one click imports of custom templates. GTL multipurpose can be used to create beautiful and responsive sites that are mobile friendly. Offering the best SEO practices in the industry, GTL multipurpose allows your site to be seen by as many people as possible. Optimized for speed, this theme offers some of the fastest and most responsive pages possible. GTL multipurpose is an incredibly powerful but lightweight theme that’s easy to recommend. 

Barista Bluegrass

Like Aquentro, Barista Bluegrass is a specialized WordPress theme. Rather than rental properties, bluegrass is designed for coffee shops, cafeterias, and pubs. A slick interface and large variety of tools makes this theme easy to learn. Common features like pricing tables and testimonials carousels are present in this theme. A live editor and drag and drop allows you to perfect every little detail of your site. Bluegrass also features a built in HTML menu. 

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