The Ultimate WordPress Design Duo: GeneratePress & Elementor


Elementor Popup Builder

The new popup builder is an easy and streamlined way to create the perfect popup for your site. Much like the rest of Elementor, the

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Amazing page builder that makes it easy to create beautifully designed content

What is This Site About?

It's Not About Teaching

I'm actually not here to teach you anything.

It's All About Sharing

I'm not a GeneratePress or an Elementor guru. I'm still learning. I'm just sharing the knowledge I gain with you, so you can learn right along with me. Let's make great sites!
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I'm Not Selling A Video Course

Or any product, actually. Others have that covered.

Other People Sell Great Stuff

People like Tom Usborne, Dave Foy, Lyle Chamney, Anand Upadhyay, and Salam Bidyasagar Meitei create great products. I may occasionally place affiliate links to some of them.
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It's All About Contributing

Each, in our own way, we contribute to WordPress.

This Is My Contribution

Others have shared with me. Now, I'm sharing with you. I hope it helps you create your best design work. Please let me know if you'd like me to cover any specific topics.
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Combining Elementor with GeneratePress makes web design feel like you are working with a double dose of magic.

It’s that much easier than ever before.

Ever Had This Happen To You?

  • You needed a theme for a client’s site, so you spent hours, maybe even days, searching and researching at the popular theme marketplaces.

  • You read the reviews, read thousands of comments, looked at the support forums, and finally chose just the right theme.

  • Or so you thought…Once you installed the theme, and started working with it, you realized it was a great big steaming pile of garbage. The code was an ugly mess, bugs were crawling throughout, and frankly, it just stank.

It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way

Use a clean, beautiful theme – inside and out – that can be easily customized and extended, without all the garbage that comes with those other themes.

Use the free theme first to see if it works for you, and if you love it, then grab the super-cheap premium version if you need its excellent additional features. And if you do have problems?

Get the support you deserve from a responsive, kind, helpful developer.


Once you have the perfect theme, design the perfect pages with a first-class page builder. No shortcode mess left behind if you decide not to use it. Just clean HTML. That’s design beauty – through and through. Free or Pro…you’ll love it.

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